Etching Press – Model EP3318

£3,192.00 (inc. VAT)

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Well designed and imensely strong

Strength has been the paramount thought behind this design.  Special features are:

  • ½ inch (12.5mm) thick plate, steel side frames
  • Solid 3 inch (75mm) diameter top roller, ground and plated
  • Solid 3 inch (75mm) diameter bottom roller
  • Solid top bearers to enable adequate pressure through 16mm adjusting screws
  • Ball races on both rollers
  • Ground plate steel plank 33 x 18 x ½ inches (838mm x 457mm x 12.5mm)
  • Drive from traditional cast iron hand-wheel through gearing to give the smooth but necessary feel when maximum pressure is required.

A really remarkable press to give professional results to all, and at a very reasonable and competitive price.  Available for bench mounting (total weight 220lbs 100 Kg’s) or on the attractive and useful cabinet stand. Recommended blankets: one quality fronting, and either one Compressed Wool Backing, or for fine work, two quality fronting.

The above price is for the press only, stand is not included in  that price.

Purpose built stand with levelling feet :- £450.00 (Inc. VAT).

Purpose built stand with castors (two locking) :- £522.00 (Inc. VAT)