Mobile Etching Press – Model EP2412

£1,272.00 (inc. VAT)

Designed especially for exhibition use, but quite suitable for production work – ideal for lino cuts. Weight 45lbs. 20.5 Kg’s.

Strength has been the paramount thought behind this design. Special features are:

  • ½ inch (12.5mm) thick, plate steel side frames
  • 3¼ inch (82.5mm) diameter top roller, ground and plated, 3¼ inch (82.5mm) bottom roller
  • Solid top bearers to enable adequate pressure through ½ inch adjusting screws
  • Ball races on both rollers
  • Grey ridged PVC plank 24 x 12 x 1/4 inches (610mm x 305mm x 6mm)
  • Direct drive from handle to bottom roller gives the smooth but necessary feel when maximum pressure is required

A really remarkable press to give professional results to all, and at a very reasonable and competitive price.

Recommended blankets: one quality fronting, and one pure wool blanket.