Silk Screen Art Equipment

    • The T162SS silk screen exposure unit has been developed from the very successful and well-proven T162 Rotex plate printing down unit used in the graphic art’s trade over many year's.
    • It consists of a robust metal cabinet that splits into two for ease of installation where access is limited. The lower section contains the light source, power pack and suction pump, whilst the upper cabinet has the control box fitted onto the front face with the glass and blanket frame mounted on the top.
    • The T159ss are built with the home user in mind, or for small studios, where only a small number of screens need to be produced.
    • 2 x versions are available, one utilises a pressure pad type of lid, the other uses an external suction pump and a soft flexible blanket to maintain film to screen contact.
    • The light source is a 300w Ultravitalux lamp.
    • The units are manufacture from white-faced MDF board with heavy-duty edging.
    • The exposure is controlled by a manually operated shutter mechanism, allowing the lamp to warm up prior to the exposure being started.
    • The maximum screen frame size for each model is 650mm x 500mm.
    • 240v single phase supply runs from a 13 amp plug.
    • Supplied with count down timer for the exposure.
    • Overall size 820mm (wide) x 680mm (deep) x 1080mm (high).
  • Silk Screen Wash

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    Art Equipment Ltd manufactures a wide range of Sinks, Trays, Tanks, Covers and many other items. These can all be manufactured from either PVC or Polypropylene. These include: • Silk Screen Wash Booths • Circulator & Jacketed Sinks with temperature control • Developing Trays • Free Standing Sinks All of these can all be made to suit your specific requirements and customised to suit your room or environment. All sinks and trays etc. are manufactured to order, to suit your requirements, please contact us with your requirements, sizes etc. for a quotation.
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