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Hunter Penrose No.9 Etching Press

Large doubel geared cast iron etching press.

Bed size 42" x 60" (1067mm x 1524mm).

Overall press size, 62" wide + 10½" for handle. Length of space required 120" to allow for length of bed movement. (1575mm + 267mm x 3000mm).

Top Roller Dia: 10"

Bottom Roller Dia: 15"

Hand-wheel Dia: 48".

Press is top roller driven, with the top roller being supported on springs to allow balnkets to be laid under easily.

There is a set of used blankets with the press, or we can offer NEW blankets.

There are NO guards fitted to cover the gears, but if these were required, guards could be manufactured.

Due to the size and weight of this press, delivery can only be made with a Hiab / crane lorry. It will weigh around 1½ tons.

There were only a few of these presses of this size manufactured by HPL.

The bed on this press does have a slight bow in it, which does cause the blankets to shift slightly, the bed can be replaced at extra cost to that shown below. If required a longer bed could also be fitted.

£7,500.00 + Delivery & VAT. (Price does NOT include a NEW bed, this would be extra if required).

 Thumb HPL No 9 q

Thumb HPL No 9 r

Thumb HPL No 9 u

Thumb HPL No 9 p

Thumb HPL No 9 b

Thumb HPL No 9 c

Thumb HPL No 9 d

Thumb HPL No 9 a

Thumb HPL No 9 e

Thumb HPL No 9 f

Thumb HPL No 9 g

Thumb HPL No 9 h

Thumb HPL No 9 k

Thumb HPL No 9 t

Thumb HPL No 9 s



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